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1 minute Actor reel (Create A Reel)
Create A Reel / Videography Services
If you're missing footage from your current body of work that you feel best represents your talents, we'll help you produce what you need by crafting original scenes with a professional camera, lighting and sound package. Whether it be just a single scene to beef up a decent reel or a fully manufactured hosting reel, Create A Reel will help you showcase your true capabilities. If you're tired of being cast in the same role over and over again, or just want to show off some range currently not featured in your body of work, Create A Reel is the solution for you.

Actors Interview, Auditions, Live Performance Recordings, etc.
If you're just looking for a quick and dirty actor interview or audition, we're happy to handle that as well. Our single or multi-camera videography services are available for whatever time increments you need to film your dress rehearsal, dance performance or stand-up gig.
All Create A Reel and video services require a consultation session, during which scope, schedule and deliverables are reviewed and agreed upon.

Create A Reel:
The lead time between the consult and actual production dates will be no less than ten days, and the duration of the production schedule will not exceed four calendar days, limited to a window of ten days max. Script, location(s) and other production details and deliverables will be reviewed and agreed upon during the consultation.

For Create A Reel video services, drafts of your edited scenes will be posted online for your review. You may suggest changes for up to three rounds of review and modifications, after which the scenes will be crafted or integrated into demo reels, at which point the process follows the respective descriptions for the Reels packages. For non-Create A Reel video services, a private, online set of video proofs will be posted for your review. You may suggest changes for up to two rounds of review and modifications, after which the high resolution files will be made available through a secure filesharing account and mailed directly to you on a dvd.