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The best reels are short, concise and to the point, a quick study of performance highlights, arranged to present you in the strongest light.
Increasingly, the industry is gravitating to a shorter standard of reel, which is why we offer reels in increments of minutes. Just need a quick hitting highlight minute? Prefer a longer sampling of scenes? You pick the minutes, from one to ten, divide them up in any combination you like (ten one minute reels or two five minute reels, for example) and pay per minute - it's as simple as that.
Worldwide delivery:
No matter where you are in the world, we can coordinate with you and help fulfill your show reel needs. Just contact us, indicate the minutes and combinations you're interested in, and send us your footage. You can send us dvds/blu-ray discs via snail mail, post video files to our dedicated online file sharing service, or just forward us links to existing online sites.

Let us do the work:
From that point, you can either list what scenes you'd like and in what order, or just let us sift through your body of work and produce the best representative scenes for your purposes. We have a two-step review process, so you'll get ample chances to review your reel and suggest tweaks to content and order of material.

Within 48 hours of your submission of all materials, review and agreement on deliverables, and payment of deposit, a draft of the reel will be posted via a private vimeo link. You may review and suggest changes for up to three rounds of modifications, after which the full sized, high resolution files of your selections will be made available through a secure filesharing account and/or mailed directly to you on a dvd. A $30 USD non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your submission of all materials and our review of dliverables. The remainder of payment is due upon final release and delivery of the completed reel packages, and should be in the form of cash, credit card (by way of PayPal), certified check or money order, all in USD currency.